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1. The festival started in 2002 as the first documentary festival of Cyprus at the small village of Platanistia in the small garden of the Hambis Printmaking School and was called the Small Documentary Festival. The first founders were Yiorgos Tsangaris, Yiangos Hadjiyiannis and Dimitris Eipides. 

It was later re-named Countryside Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World focusing exclusively on the independent Animated Film and this was the first animation festival in Cyprus. The festival’s uniqueness also is its setting in the countryside, and this continues to this day.

As audiences have grown significantly in recent years the festival has moved to different locations to accommodate the large number of spectators. The festival draw a very diverse audience, from across the social spectrum. 

2. Countryside Animafest Cyprus is the official Cyprus animation Festival. Its aim is to cultivate the art of animation, by raising audience awareness and promoting cultural, financial and social development in the field of independent animation filmmaking. Its various activities throughout the year include the annual Countryside Animafest Cyprus, expert seminars and workshops, The Artist in Residence program entitled Animation and Contemporary Art, special screenings, etc. In this way the festival initiates international collaborations and provides opportunities for artistic growth.

3. Countryside Animafest Cyprus, organized NGO Views of the World and the Hambis Printmaking Museum, is the yearly culmination of our activities and takes place every summer. The festival is organized in collaboration and with the official support of the Ministry of Education & Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. 

The festival showcases a selection of the best contemporary films and values animation as an art form, focusing on independent, non-commercial films.


International short film Competition

  • Our aim is to present a selection of films distinguished by originality of idea, story, visual design or execution. We welcome all animation techniques.
  • This competition section features a selection of animated short films made by artists, professionals and final year student films.
  • Films must not exceed 40 minutes in length.
  • We monitor current production by attending festivals and industry events, approaching directors and producers accordingly. However, authors and producers also have the opportunity to submit their film to our festival via our online application form.

National (Cyprus) Competition

- The Cypriot competition is aimed at supporting homegrown productions, which are currently on the rise.

- Films must not exceed 30 minutes in length.

- All Cypriot directors are entitled to submit their work, whether they live and work in Cyprus or not.

- Their films however should be made in one of the two official languages of the Republic of Cyprus or should contain at least 50% Greek or Turkish dialogue.

- This excludes films whose narrative justifies the existence of a larger percentage of foreign dialogue. In this case, the applicant should provide an explanatory note.

- Only student films are allowed to contain foreign dialogue in their entirety.

- All submissions should include at least three Cypriot contributors in the major credits.

- The Cypriot Competition prize will only be awarded if the number of participating films is two or over.



International short film Competition

Best film in the International short film Competition Section.

National (Cyprus) short film Competition

Best film in the Cypriot short film Competition Section.

Special mentions

Special mentions from each jury member for the international and Cypriot competition.


Animation and Contemporary Art - Artists in Residence Program

Animation is a versatile art form that has various applications. An exciting contemporary application can be found in the visual arts, at the interface with cinema 

On the cutting edge of fine art and film, some remarkable animation installations have been created over the years. These innovative applications of animation include new narrative techniques and ways of using the moving image.
This program is focusing on accessibility of animation as an interdisciplinary artform. It offeres a playful as well as profound frame of reference for audiences and professionals alike, meanwhile also drawing attention to the historic heritage of the animation film.

In line with the Animation and Contemporary Art Program, film programs are presented, showing a wide range of narrative and non-narrative animation films, from artistic entertainment to autonomous art of the international vanguard and quality animation for the whole family. 

The Artists in Residence who are invited to participate are usually combining the possibilities of animation, space and the performing arts, that together create a unique visual result. 


International Competition: Young Filmmakers Awards

This new development program is co-organised by The International Cyprus Film Days for Children and Youth and the Junior Edition of Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World

This program is devoted to the promotion of Children and Youth Animation. Our aim is to enrich young Cypriot perception of animation and cultivate love and respect of the genre. We collaborate with other festivals internationally with the purpose of exchanging children’s programmes as well as for organising educational workshops, thus inviting children and their parents to participate creatively in the Festival.

  • The competition is addressed to young persons who wish to cinematically capture their dreams and concerns for a fairer and more sustainable world. By exploiting the capacities of Cinema, the most direct means of visual storytelling, and consequently of Animation, the participants have a unique opportunity to take part in the Young Filmmakers Competition, which is held annually.
  • The competition is addressed to students aged between 12-18 who are invited to make their own short film of up to three minutes. 



The jury consists of distinguished personalities in the arts, including producers, filmmakers, film theorists and film critics and will be judging both the International and Cypriot competition sections. Members of the jury cannot be linked in any way to the production of the participating films. All members of the jury are bound by secrecy. The artistic director of the festival or his/her deputies may attend the jury sessions, but will not participate in the vote.


The non-competitive program of the Festival includes the following categories:

Tributes and Retrospectives – Masters of Animation

Every year, we focus on an internationally acclaimed artist/ filmmaker/ animator, with an exhibition of their work and a screening of a selection of their films. The Festival will also be asking this artist to participate in the jury. As a further tribute, we will ask the artist to design the poster of the Festival 

Aspects of the Fantastic

Τhroughout the year the curators of the festival are creating special film programs with various thematics.

Workshops and Μasterclasses

Workshops and masterclasses on different visual arts and filmmaking techniques are led by experienced writers, artists, educators, producers and directors through out the year.